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Maximum pleasure in a sustainable way

Sustainability, the most recent (probably best) trend on the market, is touching all types of products. Designers are becoming more well-aware of sustainability factor in the products (yayyy!).

Sex toys have a long history (dating back 28,000 years ago: Ancient phalluses made from stone and dried camel dung started trend for sex aids), but hardly rings the bell of being sustainable or recyclable. Luckily, the market for sustainable sex toys has been roaring in recent years, with more eco-friendly design, more desirable functions and higher pleasure!


The first, and probably most popular product, is PREMIUM Eco from the famous Womaniser. It is PREMIUM eco's selling point: the first ever Pleasure Air sex toy made from sustainable, renewable materials (Biolene - largely made from renewable raw materials, serving as an excellent eco-friendly alternative). In addition, it is battery charged, with a long-life battery that can be charged up to 300 times and easily replaced. What's better? For every PREIMUM eco sold, Womaniser will plant 1 tree!


Personally, this is such a great idea for a sex toy brand! love.not.war sells smart designed products, as their toys come with a battery base that is interchangeable with all detachable heads, which means customers only need to buy 1 battery unit for all other separate heads, creating multiple products with 1 purchase. This brilliant design also makes their products easier to repair and recycle, giving them the chance to be shortlisted too for a Green Product Award.

In addition, love.not.war only uses FDA grade-silicone, and the brand aims to recycle and reuse leftover materials. Parts of the products are made with recycled Aluminium, while the limited amount of plastic used is also recycled internally.

glas dildo

This glass dildo is made from 100% Borosilicate glass, hand-blown and handcrafted, lightweight, and fracture-resistant. Glass is a great material as it is endlessly 100% recyclable. Recycling glass also saves energy, natural resources and reduces carbon emissions as used glass (called cullet) melts at a much lower temperature than the raw materials.

Do you know any other great sustainable sex toys that you would love to share with us? Or brands, do you want to talk about how sustainable your products are? Contact me today!


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