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Hanoi public bicycle project: an unfinished dream

The 90 spots for the public bicycle project is not yet in use after months of preparation.

In order to implement the Hanoi public bicycle project, over 90 parking spots have been arranged by inner city districts to set up on sidewalks and parks. However, for the past several months, these parking spots have had no vehicles in operation, hence becoming unattended and untidy.

With the goal of diversifying public passenger transport and promoting tourism development, in 2022, Hanoi City has approved for the Department of Transport and investors to implement the phase 1 public bicycle project at 6 urban districts. The target audience of the project is people using public passenger transport services, students and tourists. It is expected that public bicycles will help travel within the inner city of Hanoi, connecting between bus station, urban railway station, urban areas, and shopping centres.

In the first phase of the project, the investor, Tri Nam Group Joint Stock Company (Tri Nam Company), plans to invest 1,000 bicycles, 50% of which are electric bicycles, arranged in 6 central districts of Ba Dinh, Tay Ho, Dong Da, Thanh Xuan, and Hai Ba Trung. In order to have a connection point between public bicycles and people, the project needs 6 districts to arrange more than 90 parking spots on sidewalks and parks, each parking point needs an area of 120 to 150 m2 to make a "Vehicle Stop" for public bicycles.

However, these parking spots have been arranged for many months and the Investor plans to put public bicycles into operation before the Lunar New Year 2023, but so far, as of June 2023, the bicycles have not yet been in operation. As a consequence, many bicycle stops become untidy as a waste of space, as they take up space on the pavements while not in use.

The operation of this service will bring a number of benefits to the locals and tourists, especially in creating a greener image for Hanoi, while reducing the traffic pressure, especially during rush hours. The Hanoi Department of Transport informed that the investor expects to start the operation thoroughly in July.




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