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Bring Your Own Campaign

The world is flooded with single-use packaging waste!

Worldwide, we are generating more than 380 million tons of plastic waste each year, 50% of which is for single-use purposes. Those single-use items are used for only few weeks, days or even minutes, but could take hundreds of years to completely disappear from the planet. 

Our Bring Your Own (BYO) campaign aims to inspire local businesses and individuals to take immediate actions by minimising single-use packaging and cutleries, promoting waste-free shopping, sustainability and a circular economy. We believe that through partnerships and collaborations, we can create a positive movement, building a healthier community for us and future generations!



We work with businesses, schools, local communities and NGOs to start this movement that Vietnam truly needs. Partnering with us means anything from eco-friendly brand promotion, saving operation cost to long-term collaboration. 

Plus, it is completely FREE!

For Business

​You can participate in this BYO Campaign by displaying the BYO Sticker or table standee, letting customers know that you support customers to use their own containers and bags. In return, we promote your businesses for free through articles, business listing, events and so many more. Plus, we encourage you to collect used packaging items and others like bags, clothes, etc., we will help you to recycle them and reward you and your customers with new items or money!

Reduce operation cost

As packaging cost can vary anywhere between 10% - 40%, the BYO campaign significantly helps the business to reduce operation cost, so that this money saved can be invested in other meaningful areas. 

Attract more customers

More and more customers are switching to more eco-friendly businesses, so the BYO campaign can attract new groups of customers for the business as well as increase existing customer loyalty. 

Promote branding

It is always beneficial for the business's brands when customers could see how much it is trying to save the planet. This positive branding image will generate into higher sales and eventually market shares. 



You don't really need another plastic bag, foam box or straw when you go shopping or eating out. Simply always bring your own containers/bags/cutleries when you plan to go out, and let the staff know that you don't need single-use items.

What's more? Volunteer with us to spread this movement!

For Customer


Get some extra awards

Most businesses will reward customers who bring their own containers as a gesture to show appreciation for their loyalty and support. So here comes extra whipping cream!


Save the planet

Each time a single-use plastic package is saved, the planet lives a bit healthier and happier. This simple daily action can create such a big impact when everyone in the community does it together!


Protect your health

BYO saves millions of micro-plastic pieces from entering our bodies and staying there forever, hence protecting us from cancers and other health risks.


How to participate?

  1. Always remember to bring your reusable bags, containers, cups, straws, cutleries, ...when going shopping. 

  2. Pay attention to the BYO stickers on the shop window. If there is not one yet, always ask the seller to put the items in your own bags, containers, ...

  3. Share your zero-waste shopping experiences on social media and tag #byovietnam!

What else can I do?

  1. Join us to build a community of people who care about the planet! 

  2. Talk to business owners, staff, etc. so that they understand the importance of BYO campaign. 

  3. Invite your friends and families to join this campaign! Guide them if they do not know how to start!

  4. Love the planet and always learn more about ways to save our only home!

Image by Nick Fewings





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