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Business Portfolio

More and more businesses in Vietnam are integrating sustainability factors in their business models, aiming to generate more positive impacts on the society and environment. The businesses below are some the best practices of a growing business with impacts in Vietnam!

Glassia aims to become the pioneer in sustainable water consumption in Vietnam and bring back circular systems into the beverage supply chain eliminating plastic waste and the large environmental footprint that comes with it.

glassia facility (1).png

Baobab is a food surplus platform that creates opportunities for businesses and consumers. The app helps users to find nearby deals to save food from being wasted. Baobab App uses serverless computing technology to reduce energy consumption by 80% when compared with conventional cloud based architecture.

Baobab deals

Lecka is a healthy & eco-friendly snack company based in Hanoi, Vietnam. The first product line is a natural energy bar that only uses natural ingredients farmed sustainably in Vietnam and has bio-based, home compostable packaging. Lecka is a certified B Corporation and since February 2022 carbon negative. Its products are available in Vietnam and other Asian countries.


ReForm Plastic is a social business that transforms waste into value by upcycling all plastics into durable, versatile products. Unlike others, ReForm Plastic can convert any type of plastic into uniquely crafted, functional products. Through their replicable and cost-effective process, ReForm Plastic can create useful products for any budget. They not only better the planet but also emplower local waste workers through their integrated approach. ReForm Plastic's process is entirely circular, as they take back old products and convert them into something new again. 

reform plastic

Quilting and creating water hyacinth or papier maché products require very low investment, enabling women to work from home, close to their families. By offering them a paid job adapted to their needs, Mekong Quilts can employ more than 100 women in villages of Vietnam and Cambodia, and considerably increase their standard of living. In a context of high environmental crisis, Mekong Quilts wants to stand as a company actually caring for our planet. All the materials Mekong Quilts use for our products are natural and locally sourced. Mekong Quilts clothes are made of natural linen or cotton, all our papier-maché products are 100% made of recycled newspaper, and Mekong Quilts have a big collection of natural hand-braided water hyacinth bags.


Ve chai chú Hoả is a social project operating in the field of collecting and transporting recyclable waste in Ho Chi Minh City. The project objectives are to change the traditional scrap business model in big cities, provide guidelines for sorting waste at source and support disadvantaged groups in society.

ve chai chu hoa

Kym Viet was established in December 2013, operating in the field of manufacturing handicrafts made mainly from fabrics: decor products, souvenirs, application products. Value-added services include educational and experiential services; beverage and food service; organise events. Kym Viet has since been born and is a place to receive, train, organise small-scale production, creating a special environment suitable for people with disabilities. Kym Viet products are always guaranteed to be safe for users. The materials that make up the products are carefully selected and have clear origins. Kym Viet products were honoured to be selected by the Minister of Planning and Investment as a gift for international partners.


VivoVerda's products are mostly made in Vietnam from 100% natural materials. You may find several similar foreign products being sold in the market at cheaper prices, but they don’t go for this. VivoVerda choose to work with Vietnamese manufacturers to support their communities. These partnerships create jobs for low-income farmers, widowed women and disabled people. Moreover, by working directly with Vietnamese suppliers, VivoVerda are able to control the product quality as well as the raw materials being used. 


KOTO Villa is the soulful celebration of 22 successful years of changing lives. The restaurant serves as the training ground to empower at-risk and disadvantaged youth in Vietnam through our holistic hospitality training program. The new dinner menu presents soulful Vietnamese cuisine with the very best of “Ngũ vị”. 


CHICLAND Hotel creates Eco Chic lifestyle - a very subtle and fashionable life experience. It is a full life with moments of enjoying every aspTaking inspiration from nature and gearing toward nature as the breath, CHICLAND Hotel was built to accommodate guests to feel the light from the sun, wind and fresh air at Da Nang sea. With local materials such as bamboo and palapa-thatched roofs complement the hotel’s beach setting perfectly. Interior design in all rooms, simple as well as exciting, they are characterized by the natural hues of wood, cream stones walls, concrete ceiling and furnishings dressed in nature-catching colors.


Established in 2016 and headquartered in Da Nang, Vietnam, Evergreen Labs is a purpose-driven, creative business lab focused on innovating towards sustainable solutions and ventures for the future. With an international team comprised of future changemakers, Evergreen Labs focus on solving today’s social and environmental issues. Evergreen Labs envisions a world where people & the environment live as one, fully circular balanced system.


From scraps of fabric, Vụn Art create canvas pictures of the culture, history and people of Vietnam - their homeland. Vụn Art  was founded by a person with a disability and Vụn Art's artworks are handcrafted by disabled artists. Vụn Art  use mosaics not only to talk about love and beauty, but also to share with people around the world through our lenses. A scrap of fabric will contribute to an artistic picture if placed in the right place. A person with a disability can also contribute his or her unique wonderful qualities to beautify life if found in the right place. That is the message of the canvas painting and also the mission of Vụn Art 


With the mission of "Delivering Wow, Sharing Happiness," Pizza 4P's has been striving every day to provide the best dining experience to all of our dear guests. A restaurant should not be a place to simply have a meal. Pizza 4P's truly wants every guest to leave happy with food, service, and environment that delivers the "Wow" factor. Pizza 4P's continues to evolve and improve every day so that Pizza 4P's can always fulfill our mission of "Delivering Wow, Sharing Happiness" to every guest. The company is promoting a more sustainable future through farm-to-table concept, innovative packaging, local sourcing and many more. 

Pizza 4Ps.jpg

Launched in April 2017 in Danang, Vietnam’s city of bridges, 7Bridges have that startup passion and hunger for innovation that fuels their IMPACT mission and drives them to brew internationally acclaimed beers.  Their zero waste initiative, charity activities such as Beer United and cleanup projects in the community form the core IMPACT mission of 7 Bridges Brewing Co. 7Bridges operate with the mindset of social enterprise with an equal commitment to deliver world class beers. 7Bridges brew true to form for the seasons, availability of interesting local ingredients and the evolving palates of the customers. 


Xôi Yên Chí is an F&B start-up that focuses on providing healthy sticky rice dish, a traditional Vietnamese meal, using high-quality ingredients while minisming the use of single-use plastic packaging. 

Xoi Yen Chi .png
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