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Xôi Yên Chí

Xôi Yên Chí is a F&B start-up in Sai Gon, Vietnam, with its signature sticky rice dish using the best and freshest ingredients, along with minimising its single-use plastic packaging in its products.

The owner of the business, Yến Chi Nguyễn, has a great passion for food for a long time. Unlike many other businesses, she prepares all ingredients from scratch instead of buying ready-made ones, hence reducing the amount of artificial factors added to the final products. Moreover, by cooking from scratch, the business could control and keep track of its food waste and energy used.

As a delivery-based food business, items require heavily on packaging. Currently, the business is using sugarcane fiber containers and wooden spoons for delivery items. Banana leaf is also used as the bottom layer for the sticky rice, which is a great alternative solution as this material is cheap and widely available in Vietnam . The business is aiming to eliminate all plastic packaging, as it is still challenging to find an ultimate alternative for sauce container. Xôi Yên Chí is also a partner of our BYO Campaign.

For the coming year, Xôi Yên Chí has a plan to diversify its products, using more local ingredients, cutting down food waste and completely cutting plastic packaging out of the operation.




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