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Vietnam announces a national strategy for environmental protection by 2030 with a vision for 2050

On April 13, 2022, Deputy Prime Minister Le Van Thanh signed and promulgated Resolution 450 / QĐ-TTg to approve the National Environmental Protection Strategy by 2030 with a vision for 2050.

The overall purpose of the strategy is to prevent the increasing trend of pollution and environmental degradation; Solve urgent environmental problems; Gradually improve and restore the quality of the environment; Prevent the loss of biodiversity; Contribute to improving the ability to actively respond to climate change. Vietnam aims to ensure environmental safety, build and develop models for the circular economy, green economy and low carbon, and strive to achieve the country's 2030 Sustainable Development Goals.

Multiple serious environmental problems in Vietnam (Source: the Internet)
Multiple serious environmental problems in Vietnam (Source: the Internet)

This strategy sets specific goals for proactively preventing and managing the adverse effects that cause environmental pollution and degradation.

Important and urgent environmental problems are fundamentally resolved, and the quality of the environment is gradually improved and restored. Vietnam aims to strengthen the protection of natural heritage and the restoration of ecosystems and prevent the tendency of biodiversity loss. It contributes to improving adaptability to climate change and promoting reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

To achieve the above objectives, the strategy sets some important tasks. In particular, Vietnam will proactively implement strategies to prevent, manage and prevent environmental risks such as adverse environmental effects, economic development for ecology, circular economy, green growth and production promotion. Sustainable production and consumption; implementation of environmental zones, strategic environmental assessments, environmental impact assessments, and improved efficiency of management based on environmental permits are key areas of focus. Vietnam will actively manage operations with a high risk of pollution while prevents adverse effects. Vietnam will proactively prevent and respond to environmental accidents and manage cross-border environmental problems.

At the same time, this strategy focuses on solving important and urgent environmental problems, overcoming environmental pollution and destruction, maintaining and improving the quality and hygiene of the environment. The country also needs to focus more on the conservation of nature and biodiversity, promotion of environmental protection in resource development and utilisation, while actively protect the environment to improve climate change adaptability and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Source: the Internet



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