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Tips to start Bring Your Own

Our Bring Your Own Campaign has started and received great support from businesses! Such a pleasure to know that many businesses are supporting the sustainable movement to make our country better!

As a customer, you must wonder how to start Bring Your Own without having more hassles? Let’s me help you!

Always have a cup/box/bag with you

It might not be easy at first, as we tend to forget things easily. I often carry around a big bag, with a reusable water bottle and a small tote bag, in case I need to go shopping. You never know when you might need to drop a visit in a shop, so this is better than nothing! Pluss, tote bag is very light to carry around! If you ride a scooter with big space under your seat or you drive car, this is even much easier!

Ask the sale person

With my local shops, I often leave some of my boxes there, so in case I crave for their food and forget my containers, there is no guilt at all😊 Whenever I go back to purchase, I will drop them a new box, a true action of circular economy!

Return what you can

Many times, my items come wrapped carefully in layers of boxes, bubble wraps and plastic bags, which I don’t need at all because I can easily carry them in my bag. It feels odd at first, but I have built the habit to talk to sale person and kindly ask them to unwrap all the packages, so that they can reuse them for other items. They actually value this a lot as any item saved is any money saved for them.

Tell other people

A habit always takes lots a effort to build, and it’s almost impossible for you to remember and practice BYO perfectly. On my first days I also forgot all the time! But I always tell other people about the BYO campaign and what I am doing, so that not only I can encourage more people to join with me, but also they can remind me whenever I might forget! My boyfriend actually now always reminds me to bring my tote bags because he knows how frustrated I will be if I forget mine!

So, don’t get afraid of starting Bring Your Own! It’s not easy, but with a bit of practice, and lots of love for the environment, you can do it!

Also, join us to volunteer for the BYO Campaign if you are interested in making a better Vietnam :)



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