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Tam Dao golf course's dam broke, leading to tremendous effects.

Due to heavy rain, the amount of water in the lake increased, which led to the bursting of the dam of Tam Dao golf course (Hop Chau town, Tam Dao district, Vinh Phuc province), causing serious property damage.

Tran Van Binh - Chairman of Hop Chau Town (Tam Dao District, Vinh Phuc Province) - said that on the morning of 24/5/2022, the water reservoir of Tam Dao golf course was broken. This is the second time that this reservoir broke, as the first time is in 2008.

The serious flood is threatening the lives of local people (source: tuoitre)
The serious flood is threatening the lives of local people (source: tuoitre)

"Due to heavy rain, the water surged, overflowing the dam bank, broke the wall at the foot of the hill, and then broke the dam. The water in the lake on the hill collapsed, affecting some people's properties," said Mr. Binh. speak.

According to Mr. Binh, the dam used to be quite large, but after the golf course was built, the lake was partially filled, so the current area is not large enough for the area. Due to continuous heavy rain in the last few days, the lake management unit could not discharge in time, leading to overflow of the dam and breakage.

In flooded residential areas in Minh Quang commune and Hop Chau town, Ms. Ngoc encouraged people to overcome difficulties, and at the same time directed the People's Committee of Minh Quang commune, Hop Chau town to send a force to support the people to move assets and livestock to a safe place to avoid floods.

The local government is also doing their best to provide necessary necessities for households affected by floods, while conducting inspection and review of all critical areas, clearing the flow and taking remedial measures to avoid unsafe hazards.

The rapid economic growth in Tao Dao with golf fields, multiple hotels and residential complex are threatening the sustainability of this small, beautiful area.



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