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Poorly insulated housing crisis in Britain

The UK has one of the oldest and most poorly insulated housing system in the Western Europe, and each year, a great amount of heat dissipating through walls, windows and doors quickly after leaving radiators. During the current energy crisis in the UK, these houses prove a more urgent need than ever before for the government to improve the current housing system.

How much heat is escaping from houses through walls (Source: Home Heat Helpline)

As British households rely mainly on gas for heating, the increasing energy bill is pushing many families into troubles, especially during the Covid-19 pandemic. The country has panicked over the past few days as dramatically soaring gas prices threaten to plunge hundreds of thousands of households into energy poverty, adding to the 2.5 million already suffering from fuel poverty.

According to the Climate Change Committee, which advises the UK government on climate change, around 25% of the UK's total greenhouse gas emissions come from the energy British use to heat, light or operate appliances in their homes, public buildings or workplaces. Plus, the energy used in our homes is the most important source. Indeed, of the current 29 million homes in the UK, only 8 million currently meet the highest energy standards.

This is one of the reasons why the UK government recently announced a new plan to green buildings and achieve zero by 2050 (The Ten Point Plan for a Green Industrial Revolution), which aims to eliminate all harmful emissions into the atmosphere. Moreover, by applying good practices, most people's electricity bills can be cut by £ 270 a year, according to a report by the House of Commons. It will also help to make the air we breathe cleaner. At the same time, it will reduce undue pressure on the NHS and allow people to live more comfortably in their homes. The new work required to make our homes more energy efficient would create up to 50,000 jobs by 2030 – all of which is strongly important during this crazy time of the world.

So good luck Britain, I have faith in you!



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