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Many wind power plants stopped operating due to the strong northeast monsoon

Continuously in the past few days, the National Load Dispatch Center has recorded an increase in the generating capacity of wind power sources beyond the safety threshold of turbines, forcing some wind power plants to stop operating due to the strong northeast monsoon.

source: the Internet
source: the Internet

According to the National Load Dispatch Center, in recent days, the Center continuously recorded a record of generating capacity of wind power sources of 3,077MW, 3,386MW equivalent to 85% of installed capacity.

Normally, the northeast monsoon enters Vietnam from November to April next year. However, in, there will be a northeast monsoon until early December, which is later than usual, however, with the strong wind intensity, it is directly affecting all wind power concentration areas including North Central, South Central, Central Highlands and South West, causing wind power sources across the country to simultaneously develop. The capacity is regularly maintained at 1,500 - 2,500MW and the average power output is approximately 50 million kWh/day, 140% higher than the same period in 2021.

Because wind power technology is not uniform and has many limitations, when the wind speed is higher than the operating limit of the equipment, wind power plants are forced to stop turbines to ensure safety. In fact, from December 17, a number of wind power plants in Quang Tri area had to stop operating.

Source: the Internet



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