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LEGO Vietnam: A 100% renewable-energy factory

The LEGO project in Vietnam has a total investment of more than 1 billion USD, one of the top foreign-invested projects in Vietnam. This is the 6th factory of LEGO Group globally, the 2nd in Asia and the project with the largest investment capital of Denmark in Vietnam. The plant, scheduled to start in 2022 and come online in 2024, is expected to help Lego expand its global supply chain and grow production of new products.

This is the company's first carbon neutral factory in Vietnam and the largest in Asia towards the LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification standard, the certificate of the Green Building Council of America. This LEGO plant will be equipped with solar panels on the roof and a solar project is expected to be built close to the plant, in order for the production to meet all 100% of the annual energy requirements and provide for electric vehicles.

Besides, the plant system helps save water up to 40%. Regarding waste disposal, LEGO will not use the landfill method, the main method currently in Vietnam. It is expected that LEGO Group together with VSIP will plant 50,000 trees in Vietnam to compensate for the vegetation that was cut down during the construction of the factory.

In particular, a representative of LEGO Group has just made a preliminary report to the Ministry of Industry and Trade on a 50 MW solar farm project, which is expected to be deployed right next to the toy factory in Binh Duong to serve production activities of this corporation. Talking at the meeting, Mr. Preben Elnef, Vice President of LEGO Group in charge of LEGO projects in Vietnam highly appreciated the commitment of the Vietnamese Government to bring net zero emissions by 2050. in line with the business orientation of the LEGO Group with the goal of being carbon neutral in production. The Ministry of Industry and Trade welcomes the fact that the factory in Vietnam will be LEGO's first carbon-neutral factory, demonstrated through a solar power system that produces enough renewable energy to meet 100% of its annual requirements. of the factory.

It is expected that this LEGO project, with the corporation of Coteccons to build a factory of the future that minimise negative environmental impacts, will act as a great inspiration, starting a new wave of sustainable manufacturing in Vietnam.



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