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How to work from home and save the world?

Updated: Sep 13, 2021

Due to Covid-19, we have witnessed a great switch in workplace. Thousands of offices are being abandoned, while workers are sitting in front of their laptop at home, with formal shirt and pijama pants below, even with their dogs and cats by their sides. Working from home has made us change our lifestyle. So how do we work from home in the most eco-friendly way?

1. In the office

Always turn switch off when not in use. You will be surprised by how much you can save on your utility bills by simply switching off your TV, laptops, printers, game consoles, etc. overnight.

Go paperless. Recycle your paper whenever possible. If printing is required, opt for recycled paper, recyclable ink cartridges and toners. Also, print double-sided if you can. Use printed paper as scratch paper for your kids to draw on, or cut then into fourths to make a notepad. I always try to go paperless!

Use natural light as much as possible. Set up your desk by the windows, so that you do not need to use artificial lights. This is not only good for your eyes, save the bills but also inspire you to work more effectively!

home office
Source: unsplash

Lower your heat. Keep your temperature about 2 or 3 degrees lower (in the winter). Use blankets and warmers. In the summer, open your window for natural wind.

Look for secondhand furniture when needed. If you look online, there are tons of furniture being sold and they are still very new. Buy them, save money and save the Earth!

2. In the kitchen

Cook for more than one meal at a time. You can save a lot of energy cost (fuel, electricity while cooking), also it is time-saving for busy bees as you can just freeze your meal and heat them up later.

Choose plastic-free tea bags. You might be surprised to know that there are 11 billion micro-sized plastic particles and 3 billion nano-sized plastic particles into 95 degree water, in just 1 single tea bag! Buy loose leaf tea and metal tea strainer instead!

Just boil what you need. When making hot drinks, only boil the amount of water that you need!

Source: unsplash

Turn leftovers into great lunch or snack! Be creative, be your own Master Chef. You can easily turn leftovers into lunch for the next day. I always use chicken from the previous dinner for next day sandwich.

3. Others

Shop locally. It is important to also cut the carbon footprints before items reaching your house. Shop locally, talk to salesmen to know when is the next delivery for fresh vegetables, ask them to pack items for you without plastic bag.

Dry washing naturally. Do not use dryer, hang your clothes on line or rack. You can easily check the weather when you are working at home. This is a good exercise for your during working as well.

No electricity clothes
My personal hanging racks! No matter outside or inside the house, it's perfect!

Do you have those tips useful? Share with your family and your friends! Let's make the world better a little bit better everyday!


Tram Anh


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