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Ho Chi Minh City proposes to promote 100% electric vehicles in the whole Can Gio district

Ho Chi Minh City Department of Transport wants to pilot 100% of electric vehicles use in the whole Can Gio district and some areas in the city.

(photo: the Internet)

When the National Assembly passes a resolution to replace Resolution 54, departments and agencies will develop plans and submit them to the People's Council of Ho Chi Minh City to decide on budget spending policies to support purchasing and converting vehicles for people from traditional fossil fuel vehicle to electric vehicle. In particular, the Department of Transport proposed to study and prioritise 100% of electric vehicles in Can Gio district and some areas in the city such as Tan Son Nhat airport, then speed up the conversion of taxis, buses, and cars for public procurement of state agencies to electric vehicles.

According to the plan that the Department of Transport of Ho Chi Minh City, when Can Gio Bridge is completed, there will be a buffer zone in My Khanh, vehicles that are not electric entering Can Gio can park here, and there will be public transit trams to all parts of Can Gio.

Mr. Do Ngoc Hai, Head of Road Transport Management Department of Ho Chi Minh City Department of Transport, said that the time to convert green vehicles at the request of the Government is not long. Specifically, according to the Government's roadmap, from 2025 onwards, 100% of new and replacement buses will use electricity and green energy with the rate of public passenger transport in Ho Chi Minh City reaching 25%, additionally, from 2030, the rate of vehicles using electricity and green energy will reach at least 50%, and 100% of taxis will replace and invest in new electricity and green energy. In addition, by 2050, 100% of buses and taxis will use electricity and green energy. Accordingly, in addition to the separate plan for Can Gio district, Ho Chi Minh City also encourages businesses and transport units to participate in the development of public transport using clean energy.

With the development of green buses and other green private vehicles, Ho Chi Minh city could have great potential to work forwards to the success of the plan.

Source: the Internet



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