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Ho Chi Minh City: An extra 21ha of public park and more than 9ha of green space

According to a recent, from 2021 up to now, Ho Chi Minh City has added an additional 21.74ha of public parks, 9.3ha of green space and planting and maintaining 15,985 trees.

Together with the green movements of planting thousands of trees in major cities in Vietnam, the local community in Ho Chi Minh City has been significantly successful in planting new trees and developing the green area in the city. According to the report, from 2021 to now, the city has developed an additional 21.74ha of public parks and 9.3ha of green areas, along with the new planting and renovation of 15,985 trees. These targets all exceeded the targets set out in the 2-year plan, as the number of public parks reached more than 108% of the target, and the green areas reached more than 232%, and the number of trees exceeded by more than 133%. These incredible statistics show that despite the difficulties during and after Covid-19, the city has successfully completed the main targets on trees and parks in the period of 2021-2022.

In order to achieve the goal of urban green area, according to the Resolution of the City Party Committee, the city needs to develop at least 150ha of public park land by 2025, ensuring that each person has no less than 0.65m2 of green area. In addition, the city needs to complete other tasks such as setting boundaries and digitising public parks, reclaiming the use and leasing of public land planned for parks, reviewing headquarters, agencies, residential and the works occupying improper functions on the ground of the parks that have not been implemented as planned. In the future, the City People's Committee will assign the task of reviewing and withdrawing the use and leasing of land areas that are planned as parkland for districts and Thu Duc city, at the same time, the city will also invest in building and handing over the management of parks and trees in housing development projects.

One of the main problems for the plan of the city is to raise enough investment, especially investment capital for projects in the medium-term public investment portfolio in the 2021-2025 period. In order to achieve the target of urban green area, the city must increase at least 150 hectares of public park land by 2025. The city has planned an investment priority list for 75 public park projects, however, up to now, the medium-term public investment plan for the 2021-2025 period has not been balanced, and capital has been allocated for implementation. In addition, the work of calling for investment and encouraging external resources to participate in the field of green parks has not been possible as according to the Investment Law No. 64/2020 and Decree No. 59/2014, the green park is not in the field of investment under the PPP and socialisation method. Besides, some contents belonging to specialised and in-depth research such as studying the characteristics of some green tree species in urban conditions, green tree planning, etc., have no participating units although state agencies have called for help from local universities and research institutes.

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