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Hanoi: The plan to plant 500 thousand trees in the city

According to Plan No. 76/KH-UBND of Hanoi People's Committee, the city aims to plant 500,000 new urban green trees in the city ini the period 2021-2025.


Based on the statistics of the Department of Construction, Hanoi currently has 1.7 million urban green trees. In the 2016-2020 period alone, about 1.6 million new trees were planted, however, the proportion of urban green trees in Hanoi is only about 2 m2/person, while according to the standards for grade 1 and special urban areas, the minimum is 6-7 m2/person.

As stated in the plan, Hanoi city will plant 500,000 new urban green trees in the 2021-2025 period. In 2021, 52,579 trees will be planted and in 2022, 49,179 trees will be planted, both of which were carried out as planned. The number for the coming years are 133,629 trees (2023),145,853 trees (2024) and 118,760 trees (2025). The newly planted area includes traffic projects, parks and gardens and 5 districts preparing to move to the district: Dong Anh, Gia Lam, Hoai Duc, Thanh Tri, and Dan Phuong.

In addition, the city will also pilot additional planting of flowers and trees in combination with decorating the facade of the upper floor in the old town area (in 2023 - 2024), and additional flowers, green trees on the facade, plant pots close to the wall of the building in the neighbourhood with French architecture (in 2023 - 2025). Hanoi is encouraging agencies and households to decorate trees, grass and flowers along sidewalks in a unified manner, creating an urban landscape, at the same time, developing solutions to rearrange motorbike parking to ensure street aesthetics.

Due to the severe weather changes this year due to the El Nino, the local government has taken immediate actions to minimise fallen trees and other related risks. Hanoi Green Park Company has organised a review of decaying trees, prioritising cutting down first unstable trees that could put people's lives in danger. It is expected that by the end of July 2023, the company will trim and lower the height for about 50,000 trees. The company also established mobile teams to respond promptly to troubleshooting tasks, to develop a plan to coordinate with the Department of Construction and the authorities of the districts to deal with fallen trees in the most timely and effective manner. However, the Green Park Company only manages trees on named streets, and the city still has thousands of trees in other areas like schools and alleys, which could raise potential risks during thunderstorms.

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