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Hanoi: The plan to plant 250,000 new urban trees on traffic routes

According to the plan to organise the "Eternal tree planting festival in gratitude to Uncle Ho" in the spring of 2023, which has just been issued by the Hanoi People's Committee, in 2023 the whole city aims to plant 200,000-250,000 new shade trees and timber trees on the ​​urban traffic routes.

According to the Department of Construction of Hanoi, the city currently has about 1.7 million urban green trees, mainly mother-of-pearl, D. duperreanum, phoenix flower, etc. In the 2016-2020 period, about 1.6 million new trees were planted. However, the proportion of urban green trees in Hanoi is only about 2m2/person, while according to the standards for grade 1 and special urban areas, the minimum is 6-7m2/person.

By 2023, the whole city sets a target of planting 200,000-250,000 new shade trees and timber trees on the city's urban traffic routes, and 200,000 fruit trees. Additionally, the city aims to plant 20-30ha of forests, and take care of 3,546ha of planted forests, along with the management and protection of 6,483ha of protective and special-use forests. In order to successfully deliver the plan, Hanoi requires districts, towns and units located in the area to simultaneously organise the launching ceremony of the Lunar New Year tree-planting Tet 2023 from January 27 (the 6th of the Lunar New Year) to February 5 (January 15).

According to the tree planting plan for the period 2021-2025, Hanoi aims to plant 2.9 million new trees, of which, about 1.9 million new trees are planted scattered across districts and towns. The plan includes planting 565 hectares of forest (about 850,000 trees) and an additional planting of 195 hectares to enrich the forest (95,000 trees). If this plan is completed, the proportion of trees in Hanoi will increase to 8-10 m2/person and the forest coverage rate of 6.2%.



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