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Hanoi targets to have 100% "green" buses by 2050

With the implementation of the "Action Program on green energy transformation, reducing carbon and methane emissions of the transport sector", Hanoi is aiming to have 100% bus use clean energy by 2050.

This is the program approved by the Prime Minister in Decision No. 876/QD-TTg dated July 22, 2022, with the overall goal of developing a green transport system, towards net emissions of greenhouse gases by 0 by 2050.

photo: Bao dien tu chinh phu
photo: Bao dien tu chinh phu

For Hanoi, the Program has set out a specific roadmap. Firstly, in the period of 2025 - 2030, all buses are invested in new, or replaced with old ones, must use green energy, furthermore, the market share of public transport in Hanoi must reach 45 - 50%. Secondly, by 2030, the rate of vehicles using electricity and green energy will reach at least 50% and 100% replacement in old taxi, and new investment using electricity or green energy. Finally, by 2050, 100% of buses and taxis will use electricity and green energy.

According to Mr. Nguyen Cong Nhat, General Director of Vinbus, if converting the amount of CO2 a tree can absorb in a year, converting a bus to electricity is equivalent to planting 3,000 trees. “This is a very valuable number. By converting public transport to green energy, we will greatly contribute to environmental protection," said Mr. Nguyen Cong Nhat.

In fact, Hanoi is the first locality in the country to put the electric bus line into operation. Statistics from the Hanoi Department of Transport show that the city currently has 130 subsidized bus routes, with a total of 1,966 buses. The number of vehicles using green energy is 220 vehicles, accounting for 11% of the vehicle fleet structure. In which, the number of buses using diesel engines still accounts for a large proportion of 89% with 1,746 vehicles. With the fact that Hanoi is often among cities with high level of air pollution, it is more important than ever for this new programme to be implemented successfully.



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