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Hanoi: Seriously polluted before Lunar New Year

Air quality in Hanoi continues to be alarmed as the AQI index simultaneously rises to hazardous levels, which may last in the area that receives more cold air.

Early morning on the 10th January 2023, fog was covering the entire Red River Delta area, causing many provinces to have an unprecedentedly high air pollution index. At the air quality measurement application of PamAir, the AQI index of many localities reached the brown warning level (the highest pollution level), especially in some places this index was high at the critical level. At 8am, PamAir's monitoring results showed that all the inner city areas are having bad air quality. Common AQI index 200-300 units, the threshold is very harmful to human health. Notably, monitoring points in Dich Vong Hau ward (Cau Giay), Giang Vo (Dong Da), Hang Bai (Hoan Kiem), Vinh Tuy (Hai Ba Trung) and suburban districts recorded AQI over 300 units. , the threshold of danger to health. In which, Vinh Tuy area is warned of the highest pollution level in Hanoi with AQI of 491 units.

According to the IQ Air website, with an average AQI of 173 units, Hanoi ranked 4th in the ranking of 10 cities with the worst air quality in the world on January 10.

hanoi pollution
photo: PAMAir

According to Dr. Hoang Duong Tung, Chairman of the Vietnam Clean Air Partnership, the serious air pollution in Hanoi in recent days is due to the influence of weather conditions. Moreover, experts also believe that when the weather is calm, with little rain, low temperature but high humidity, it is difficult for dust in the air to diffuse. At the same time, in the period close to Tet, the traffic volume increased sharply, along with emissions from construction activities and garbage burning, making the pollution worse.

The pollution is likely to last for the next several days before the North welcomes more cold air on 16th January 2023.

Source: the Internet



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