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Hanoi public bicycle project: It's happening!

Public bicycle service TNGo (TN-Go) brings a new form of urban transport that is civilised, convenient, healthy and environmentally friendly, with 79 stations in the city.

The rental price for a regular public bicycle will be 5,000 VND/30 minutes ($0.21) and for e-bikes, it is 10,000 VND/30 minutes ($0.42). The rental fee for the whole day with two types of vehicles respectively 60,000 VND ($2.51) and 120,000 VND ($5). Users can download the public bicycle rental application, pre-load their accounts to pay for the rent. When people do not have enough money in their account, they still can use the service and pay back in the next time they use. Hanoi is the 6th locality to deploy the public bicycle model. Previously, 5 provinces and cities have launched this model: Ho Chi Minh City, Ba Ria - Vung Tau, Hai Phong, Hai Duong, and Binh Dinh. The project is divided into 2 phases, of which phase 1 is implemented in 1 year. At this stage, the project implementing unit will invest 1,000 bicycles, including 500 mechanical bicycles and 500 electric bicycles to serve the people of Hanoi. The company implemented the project of pre-importing 600 vehicles for operation from September 2023. The locations to arrange public bicycles to serve people are located in 6 central districts, including Ba Dinh, Tay Ho, Hoan Kiem, Dong Da, Hai Ba Trung, and Thanh Xuan. Phase 2 (expected from 2024) of the project is to expand the service area. Accordingly, the operator aims to focus on expanding the service area to the central districts and the vicinity of the center, with an investment of about 3,000 bicycles at 350 locations.

According to the plan, the urban bicycle project will officially open to serve the people of the capital before the National Day on September 2. Previously, in June 2022, with the goal of diversifying public passenger transport and promoting tourism development in Hanoi City, approved the Hanoi Department of Transport and the investor, the Tri Nam Group delegation implemented a public bicycle project in 12 months.

In order to prevent theft and loss, each bike is tagged with an ID card and a smart lock on the vehicle capable of warning when running over time or without payment. Through central software, the operator can monitor the movement of the vehicle and the driver to ensure everyone's safety.

Congratulations, Hanoi! What a great movement!

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