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Green Review: Is makeup remover pad for you? - A 1 minute review

As 9.3 million wet wipes being flushed down the loo every day, blocking the sewage system and causing water pollution. I myself stopped using wet wipes or single-use makeup remover a long time ago, firstly to save money, secondly to protect the environment. Not only it helps you release less waste to the environment, but also there is no plastic packaging coming with it. But how good is this alternative actually?

Makeup remover pad
How good is this great alternative actually?

1. It does save money!

A pack of 100 single-use makeup costs about $3 in Vietnam, which lasts for about 3 months. And it costs only $4 for 5 cotton pads, which I have been for more than 2 years (and still using!). A simple calculation can point out that it has saved me so much throughout the years.

Another good financial point is that this cotton pad soak in the cleansing liquid, so I think I save quite a bit of it, like not all of them getting wasted. Another good point!

2. It does last quite long!

After each time of using, I simply wash it with soap. I have my cotton pad for about 5 months, until it is completely worn out, which is quite long as I use it at least twice a day. Plus, you will barely have the feeling of running out of remover pad, as they are always there for you!

After about 2 months of using, you will notice that your pads will turn a bit yellow (or maybe just because of the tap water in Vietnam). Some of my friends think that's concerning, but to me I think it's still okay as my skin still stay as good as it is (hopefully for so much longer:))

3. It does feel soft!

On my first few times of using, I was a bit unsure whether I will have any allergy, or my skin will like it or not. Beyond my expectation, the cotton pads feel really soft, especially there is no fallen cotton from the single use pad.

So to quickly sum up, it is definitely worth the money to invest a bit more at first on cotton pads. If you are still hesitate, give it a try, I can guarantee you will love it!

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Tram Anh



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