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Great news: Approving the scheme on environmental protection in fisheries activities 2021 - 2030

Deputy Prime Minister Le Van Thanh signed Decision No. 911/QD-TTg approving the project on environmental protection in fisheries activities in the 2021-2030 period.

The scheme strives that by 2030 sources of pollution and waste from fisheries activities will be investigated, assessed, managed and controlled, hence ending the use of toxic chemicals in aquaculture, polluting water sources and reducing biodiversity.

The overall objective of the Scheme is to:

  • Control and prevent pollution in fisheries activities;

  • Prevent environmental incidents, protect and develop aquatic resources and living environment;

  • Contribute to preventing biodiversity loss;

  • Improve capacity to adapt to climate change, reduce greenhouse gas emissions;

  • Build and develop models of circular economy and green economy in fisheries activities to protect the environment and develop sustainably the fisheries sector.

The network and environmental monitoring activities serving the management of the fisheries sector (soil, water, and sediment monitoring) have been effectively deployed. The conservation, protection and development of aquatic resources, protection of habitats of aquatic species, restoration of important ecosystems for aquatic resources (mangroves, seagrass beds, coral reefs...) is effectively implemented, contributing to preventing biodiversity loss. The scheme aims to develop and issue at least 02 action plans for conservation, protection and regeneration of a number of aquatic species prioritised for protection, to contribute to improving capacity to adapt to climate change and promote mitigation of greenhouse gas emissions. It also maintains an annual increase of 8% in aquaculture area applying good and sustainable aquaculture practices.

To achieve the above goal, the Scheme offers specific solutions, including raising awareness and thinking about environmental protection in fisheries activities for relevant parties, developing science, applying technology in fisheries activities, in waste treatment from aquatic activities, as well as investing in building infrastructure to ensure the treatment, collection, storage and transportation of waste, and aquatic environment monitoring network. At the same time, the Scheme develops study mechanisms and policies to encourage exploitation and use of investment, maintenance and development of aquatic natural capital, to mobilise and socialise resources in aquatic environment protection, to strengthen the implementation of policies and laws on environmental protection in fisheries activities.



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