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Electric bike Dat Bike partnered with BAEMIN for a greener delivery system in Vietnam

In August 2023, BAEMIN starts the cooperation with Dat Bike to pilot activities to support preferential car rental rates for drivers.

On August 8th, 2023, the food ordering application Baemin and electric motorbike company Dat Bike signed a cooperation agreement to convert the use of electric motorbikes for delivery activities. In the first phase, Baemin and Dat Bike cooperated in June with an electric motorbike experience programme for driver partners. In the next phase, the two companies will officially start the rental service for driver partners at a preferential price of 32,400 VND/day ($1.35).

The content of this cooperation is to test the support of preferential car rental rates for drivers as a form of installment payment, instead of having to pay a large fee from the beginning to own the car. After completing the test phase 2, based on feedback on prices and operating costs from BAEMIN's driver partners, Dat Bike plans to continue to support drivers to rent cars at preferential rates. In particular, after a period of time depending on the frequency of use and car rental, the car will become the property of the driver, enabling them to improve their personal income and make a positive contribution to the environmental protection.

According to Mr. Jinwoo Song, General Director of BAEMIN Vietnam, the biggest challenge for the company is changing the behaviour of customers and partners. Currently in Vietnam, the demand for environmentally friendly products is not yet so great, because these are high-priced products and have not brought many economic benefits, while the price is still the main factor. On the other hand, the application of electric vehicles brings clear economic benefits. For driver partners, the use of electric vehicles helps them save fuel cost, and electric vehicles are also easier to maintain than traditional petrol cars. For businesses, BAEMIN can reduce operating costs if they successfully supply electric vehicles for drivers on a large scale, thereby tightening the ecosystem together towards sustainable development and environmental protection.

By the end of April 2023, Baemin is the second technology application to launch a programme to promote the introduction of electric motorcycles into delivery operations. Before that, BeGroup cooperated with the Green and Smart Mobility Joint Stock Company (GSM) of billionaire Pham Nhat Vuong to bring electric cars and electric motorbikes into technology car-hailing activities in Vietnam.

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