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Dat Bike and Gojek Vietnam cooperate to pilot passenger transport by electric motorbikes

Starting from May 18, 2023, through a multi-service technology platform, Gojek users can experience GoRide, GoFood, and GoSend services with Dat Bike electric scooters.

Gojek is the Southeast Asia's leading on-demand multi-service technology platform, and Dat Bike is one of Southeast Asia's fastest-growing electric motorcycle brands. Recently, the two brands have announced a pilot partnership using using electric motorbikes to serve the travel, delivery and food delivery needs of Gojek users in Vietnam. With this partnership, Gojek becomes the first ride-hailing company in Vietnam to deploy passenger transportation by electric motorbike, alongside other on-demand services, and the first technology platform to integrate cooperate with Dat Bike. This is such a great news, joining the movement of green transport service in Vietnam after the new Electric taxi brand coming in April 2023.

Within the framework of cooperation, Dat Bike will provide Gojek driver partners with Dat Bike Weaver++ vehicles to carry out passenger (GoRide), food delivery (GoFood) and delivery (GoSend) services in Vietnam. The use of Dat Bike Weaver++ electric vehicles can help Gojek driver partners lower fuel costs by more than 4 times compared to petrol cars, thereby significantly saving operating costs, and contributing to environmental protection by discontinuation of discharge.

Compared to other brands of electric bikes, Dat Bike is doing significantly well in terms of customer experience, product quality and branding. Technically, Dat Bike Weaver++ has a maximum speed of 90km/h with a distance of 200km for each full charge in 3 hours, so that bikes can travel a long journey before the next charge, hence ensure its operational performance. In Ho Chi Minh City, partners can charge batteries for free at dozens of community charging points. In addition, Weaver++ is also equipped with a fast charging port so that it can quickly charge the first 100km in 1 hour at any household electrical outlet and in just 20 minutes at Dat Bike's fast charging station. Dat Bike's Weaver++ is also equipped with a 7000W maximum motor and tubeless tires, making it easy to move on steep or rough roads, while minimising the risk of punctures during operation. The strong single fork design and long saddle will be a plus point to bring a smooth and comfortable experience to both the driver and the back seat. What a great piece of work!

We all look forward to seeing more successes in the green movement across aspects of life in Vietnam.

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