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Cat Linh - Ha Dong railway line: An impressive number!

The Cat Linh - Ha Dong urban railway line has been better perceived by the people in Hanoi and gradually changed the travel culture as the number of train passengers is increasing significantly. This is a great news for the nonstop effort from Hanoi in encouraging the use of public transport.

After 10 months of commercial operation, the Cat Linh - Ha Dong (Hanoi) railway line has transported more than 5.4 million passengers (an average of more than 18,300 passengers/day), with a total revenue of more than 46 billion VND (an average monthly revenue of 4.6 billion VND), in which more than half of the guests go for a monthly ticket.

Due to the high operating costs, the ticket price must be cheap to attract customers to use the public tram, it is expected that Hanoi will use the budget to subsidise the Cat Linh - Ha Dong railway operation. The plan to subsidise the Cat Linh - Ha Dong railway line is being considered by Hanoi, in which the monthly ticket is expected to be subsidised by about 80% of the budget, and the daily ticket is about 50%.

The Cat Linh - Ha Dong railway project uses China's ODA loan, with a total investment of more than 18,000 billion VND (more than 868 million USD), of which the loan is nearly 13,000 billion VND and reciprocal capital from Vietnam is more than 4,000 billion VND. The route is more than 13km long with 12 elevated stations, the design speed is 80km/h and the average commercial speed is 35km/h. Each train has 4 carriages, and arrives 3-5 minutes apart.

With the increase in fuel prices and the supply shortage, more and more people are expected to use public transport more frequently. This will not only help solve the problem of traffic jam in Hanoi, but also significantly reduces the negative impacts on the environment.

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