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A brand new program - "Clean up the sea" between 2021 - 2026 in Vietnam

Due to the current situation of marine pollution, which has been one of the most major obstacles to the sustainable development of Vietnam's sea, People's Court Magazine in collaboration with the Center for Communication of Resources & Environment and Vietnam Television to implement the Program "Cleaning up the sea" for the period of 2021 - 2026.

"Cleaning up the sea" is held in 28 coastal cities and provinces nationwide, for a period of 5 years (2021 - 2026). This is an action program to clean up marine environmental waste, deeply social and humane. The program aims to raise the community's awareness of the waste problem, to call on everyone to join hands to protect the marine environment, to create a green lifestyle to limit climate change, and promote the image of Vietnam to international friends, contributing to building a more beautiful and sustainable Vietnam.

The main activities of the Program “Clean up the sea” include: Cleaning up the waste at the beaches of the provinces and hand it over to the local authorities for management; Organising the installation and donation of public trash cans at the beaches to encourage tourists to put their rubbish in the right place; Presenting gifts to poor families-students, officers and soldiers of the navy, border guards, and fishermen families who overcame difficulties to actively go out to sea; Organising an art program to continue spreading the message of "Clean up the sea” and raising the community's awareness of marine environment protection.

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