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2030: Hanoi plans to ban motorbikes in the inner districts

The Hanoi People's Committee has assigned relevant units to prioritise the implementation of the project to ban motorbikes in major districts by 2030.

Currently, the total number of transport vehicles in Hanoi is about 8 million vehicles, including more than 6.4 million motorbikes, more than 1 million cars, and more than 1 million vehicles from provinces and cities participating in traffic in the capital. For years, there have been plans to ban motorbikes in the inner districts of Hanoi, which always raised a number of questions among the citizens.

In order to implement the targeted urban economic development, Hanoi City has set out 33 priority tasks, projects, schemes and programs. Notably, there is the project "Regulating the operation of motorbikes in accordance with the infrastructure and service capacity of the public passenger transport system, moving towards banning motorbikes in the inner districts by 2030" assigned to the Department of Transport to assume the prime responsibility for, and coordinate with the City Police and the People's Committees of districts, towns to implement in the period of 2023-2025.

The Department of Transport is also assigned to take on the prime responsibility for implementing the project "Toll collection for motor vehicles in some areas of the city at risk of traffic jams and environmental pollution to limit the number of vehicles in the city." , completed in the period of 2023-2025.

In November 2021, the Hanoi Department of Transport assigned relevant units to investigate in the plan that after 2025, motorbikes will be stopped in the districts within Ring Road 3 and Truong Sa, Hoang Sa and national highway 5 back to the city centre. After 2030, motorcycles will be banned in the districts within the Ring Road 4 for the southern Red River area and Ring Road 3 for the North Red River area. In October 2022, the City Public Transport Management Centre proposed that Hanoi set up nearly 100 toll stations on the way to the inner city with a starting fee of 50,000 VND/time and up to 100,000 VND. The pilot period starts in 2024. However, all these proposals then received criticism from the public and experts. It is believed that the plan will only be possible if the public transport system is further developed, such that people have more choices to commute everyday.

Source: the Internet

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